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First Pilates session ever? Our sessions are tailored to the participants. Here’s what to expect!


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Want to be stronger, leaner, healthier, and look and feel your best? You’ve come to the right place. A boutique Pilate studio nestled in the B-Austin wellness community, B Pilates offers private sessions, semi-private sessions (2 people) and small group mat and equipment classes.

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From Our Students

Beth H. was an amazing instructor. I really appreciated her patience and time for showing me every single step before practicing a move on my own in my private session.


Beth’s strengths are meeting the student where they are at physically and mentally. She makes each part of the session challenging but also attainable for that person’s skill level. Above all though, Beth’s greatest strength is making the student feel like they achieved greatness in a sincere way. You can tell she really finds joy in helping others find balance and strength through their Pilates practice.

Melissa U.