If you want to tone up, strengthen your core, improve your posture (and look good in your skinny jeans while you’re at it), you’ve come to the right place. Using the Reformer/Tower, a Pilates Combo Chair and barrel, we keep Pilates equipment sessions challenging and fresh, so you never do the exact same workout twice.

B Pilates offers equipment training in One-on-One Training Sessions, Duet Sessions and Small Group Equipment Training Sessions (3 people). In our Pilates Circuit class, we can accomodate 4 people rotating through a series of exercises on each piece of equipment.

Try out the Pilates equipment with an Intro Package – 3 One-on-One Training Sessions in 2 weeks for $199. That’s a savings of 26% off your first Pilates sessions at our studio!

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3 One-on-One Training Sessions
in 2 Weeks